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Do not hit from straight on. You should be comfortable with striking the ball to the side of your body. An easy phrase to use when hitting the volley is “squeeze and freeze.”. When you make contact with the ball, “squeeze” the grip and try to “freeze” your momentum.

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Typically, on the forehand volley there will be little to no swing. The first key to the forehand volley in tennis is keeping the racket face up while the lower body must maintain a low and strong base of support. The posture on the body must be upright, and the swing path should be limited.

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The ready position for a forehand volley begins with the initial recognition of the ball. An ideal ready positions is to stand with your body and feet facing the net and with your eyes glued to your opponent’s movements anticipating his/her shot. You have to stand with your feet spread at a shoulder width.

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