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Tennis Handicap Betting 🥇 Set & Game Handicap Explained

Game handicap in tennis betting is the results of a games in tennis match, calculated by adding all games won per player and then applying to the handicap. If player A beats player B by 6-4 6-4. If player A beats player B by 6-4 6-4.

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With the moneyline set at 1.108 and 8.170, the Pinnacle traders set the main handicap for this match at +/-5. Apart from the main handicap, Pinnacle offered a number of plus and minus handicaps for the match, ranging from +/- 4 to +/- 6, allowing bettors to decide for themselves which handicap market offers the best value.

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So a -1.5 Set handicap simply means, the player should win the match 2 sets to 0 for a best of 3 set match. Example: if I have Federer to beat Del Potro with -1.5 sets handicap. At the end of the match I will apply -1.5 to Federers set score. Therefore if Federer wins 2-0, with the -1.5 sets handicap applied, he has won 0.5 sets to 0.

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Tennis Handicap Strategies Martingale. One of the most popular strategies, which actually guarantees you a profit is the Martingale’s. Martingale... In-play Tennis Handicap Betting. There are a lot of players who make literally thousands of money, just from betting on... Set goals. This is kinda ...

Tennis Handicap Betting | When How to Handicap Bet

Advantages of the handicap bet This style of bet allows you to win even if the particular player (the heavy favorite) does not win the match. So, the player does not actually have to win the match in order for you to receive a payout for that particular match. With the higher odds, more individuals ...

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Learn how to handicap tennis matches. This guide is geared towards the beginner that wants to learn what to look for when trying to pick a winner in the tennis markets. I won't be talking about any markets except the match odds market in this guide.

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How to Correctly Handicap a Professional Tennis Match Plus Friday & Saturday Indian Wells Picks! Beating the Las Vegas Closing Line & More with Legendary Sports Bettor Fats!! Arizona Cardinals-Cleveland Browns, Auburn Tigers-Arkansas Razorbacks, Jon Gruden and More! Atlanta Legends, Vaccinations, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons & More NBA Talk!

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In a match between player A and player B, the bookmaker may offer a price of Evens on player B with a handicap of +3.5 games. In simple handicap tennis betting terms, this means player B is handed a head start of 3.5 games. When the match is finished, the player with the most games after the handicap is applied is the bet winner. The actual result of the game does not matter only who has the most games.